When a show is distributed 
after its run, it is called
syndication. When the show is
Vin Scelsa's Idiot's Delight,
it's called . . .

Vin Scelsa
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2002Our Year of Living Palindromically
DECEMBERWFUVDecember 7, 2002
November 23, 2002

The "John C. Reilly - Philip Seymour Hoffman -
Paul Baker Hall - Vincent Anthony Scelsa -
Laura Rose Cantrell" edition of Idiot's Delight
with Laura Cantrell.
September 14, 2002

The "Hooded Figures of Death on the Mosholu Parkway"
Edition of Idiot's Delight, with guest,  Gordon Gano.

WFUVSeptember 21, 2002
AUGUSTWFUVRebecca Martin
August 3, 2002
The "Beached Whale and Deadly Lightening"
edition of Idiot's Delight with Rebecca Martin.
WFUVDavid Poe
August 10, 2002

The "You Can't Fool the Fat Man" edition of
Idiot's Delight with David Poe.
JULYWFUVJuly 13, 2002
The "Prodigious Practitioner of Procrastination"
edition of Idiot's Delight.
WFUVEleanor McEvoy
July 27, 2002

The "A Couple of Lapsed Catholics Sittin'
Around in Studio A" edition of Idiot's Delight
with Eleanor McEvoy.

JUNEWFUVPositively 4th Street
June 22, 2002
[Notes from IDD 2002].
DAVID HAJDU, author – guest – conversation.
     David Hajdu (pronounced “hay-du”) is the author of the current
non-fiction book “Positively 4th Street: The Lives And Times Of Joan
Baez, Bob Dylan, Mimi Baez Fariņa, and Richard Fariņa” (Farrar, Straus &
Garrets) – a look into the early Sixties Greenwich Village scene as it
centered around the lives of these key players. Hadju is also author of
the highly acclaimed and beautiful "Lush Life" (1996), a biography of
jazz great Billy Strayhorn, the composer/arranger who worked closely
with Duke Ellington for several decades.
    Vin and David devoted most of their time talking about the wonderful stories and
complicated people in these two books ... with music played to
illustrate the conversation.

Eleni Mandell

June 29, 2002
The "We're on Our Own, Cousin" edition of
Idiot's Delight with Eleni Mandell.