When a show is distributed 
after its run, it is called
syndication. When the show is
Vin Scelsa's Idiot's Delight,
it's called . . .

Vin at J&R
Photo by Randy Cranin
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Live at Lunch
Photo by Randy Cranin
 JAN  2001 LAL January 2, 2001

January 3, 2001

LAL January 4, 2001

LAL January 9, 2001
with Suzanne Vega

LAL January 10, 2001
with Sid Bernstein

LAL January 11, 2001

LAL January 16, 2001
with Toshi Reagan

LAL January 17, 2001

LAL January 18, 2001
with Karl Mullen

LAL January 23, 2001
Vin is on vacation. Rita Houston hosts.

January 24, 2001
Rita Houston is covering for Vin and plays only covers..

January 25, 2001
Rita Houston hosts. Kelly Joe Phelps is her guest.

January 30, 2001
with Vernon Reid.

LAL January 31, 2001
with Tim Easton.
FEB 2001 LAL February 1, 2001

LAL February 6, 2001

LAL February 7, 2001

LAL February 8, 2001

LAL February 13, 2001

LAL February 14, 2001
with Mila Drumke
MARCH 2001LALMarch 1, 2001

LAL March 28, 2001

LALMarch 29, 2001
with Dan Bern
APRIL 2001WFUVApril 14, 2001

WFUVApril 21, 2001
Vin's notes: 

As I’m sure you know, Joey Ramone died on Easter Sunday (4/14/01) at the age of 49, after a long and courageous battle with cancer (lymphoma). Beyond Joey’s impact on the world of rock’n’roll – which was enormous – he was a personal friend with whom I had the pleasure and privilege of working and socializing. As anyone who knew him would tell you, he was a sweet, gentle, funny, intelligent, totally honest, “rock’n’roll heart” man. I used to joke that he was from another planet – his flesh and eyes and body shape were so “alien looking” – well, I guess his planet’s mothership came to NYC last week to take him home. How appropriate that it was on Easter Sunday. His suffering is over, thankfully ... His legacy is firmly established ... All blessings on him and those he left behind ...

I invited music writer and senior editor at Rolling Stone, David Fricke, to spend the night with me. David was engaged all last week in preparing a major obituary to run in the next issue of RS. It was good to have him with me tonight; I felt very unfocused ... and David, along with Jenifer Jackson and her marvelous band, helped me get through what was a difficult show.

MAY 2001WFUVMay 5, 2001
with Ian Hunter, James Mastro, and Rich Pagano

WFUVMay 26, 2001
JUNE 2001WFUVJune 16, 2001

WFUVJune 30, 2001
JULY 2001WFUVJuly 7, 2001

WFUVJuly 14, 2001

WFUVJuly 28, 2001 pt 1

WFUVJuly 28, 2001 pt 2

September 29,2001